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GM Transportation Damage Codes GM Sublet Repairs - Coverage S GM Pre-Delivery Inspection Chart
Accurately document transportation damage or discrepancies to ensure reimbursement. Complete listing of labor operations that are eligible for a Sublet/Electronic Exchange Program administrative allowance. Lists all current GM passenger cars and trucks with the appropriate PDI base and add times for each model.
GM Concern Not Duplicated GM Job Card Checklist GM Supporting Documentation Checklist
GM Job Card Checklist
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This chart is a useful reference tool to use when a technician is unable to duplicate or verify a customer's concern and they have time and labor involved. The card lists the repair group, labor operation and applicable labor time for the CCND situation. Use this checklist as a guideline for warranty transaction compliance. The vehicle history file must contain all supporting documentation and forms that are associated with the specific service event or job card. The supporting documentation checklist will help you make sure all pertinent information is accounted for.
GM Material Allowance Conversion Chart GM Authorization Code Description GM Warranty Coverage Chart
The material code shown with each paint repair operation must be converted into its corresponding Material Allowance dollar amount using this conversion chart. An explanation of Service Agent Self Authorization Codes. A complete list of applicable authorization codes with their description and considerations for their use. A listing of all GM OEM warranty coverage by franchise.
GM Cause/Complaint Codes GM Labor Time/Transaction Types GM Tire Warranty Coverage
A master list of GM's available Global Cause/Complaint Codes with descriptions. Extremely effective in decreasing the time spent on closing out and completing job cards, as well as correcting rejected transactions. A complete description of the labor time allowances (e.g. base, set up, diagnostic) associated with a labor operation and a detailed list of available transaction types. The help card details the Tire Warranty Pro-Rata Adjustment schedule, listing the vehicle mileage and corresponding coverage percentage, as well as the program rules.
GM Special Program Labor Operations GM Wiring Labor Operations GM Labor Operation Add-Ons
There are many instances where there is a specific “Z” operation for a certain repair, but finding the appropriate document supporting the actual operation and its guidelines can be difficult. This card lists commonly used “Z” operations including detail on their use. The use of wiring labor operation requires the entry of specific, additional data that identifies the location of the repair. The Wiring Labor Operation help card provides the complete list of wiring labor operations and the documentation required for the labor code dependency field. Use the labor operation notes available with each labor operation to help with selecting the best operation for the repair performed. The Labor Operation Add-On Help Card provides details on commonly missed sources of revenue. Check for and claim sealants, oils, fluids, refrigerant, as appropriate or sublet, electronic and leak test labor time allowances, for example.
GM Sublet Compliance Form GM Customer Concern Examples GM Courtesy Transportation Over 5-Days Authorization Request
Utilize the Sublet Compliance Form to ensure all necessary documentation is included with a sublet repair. Accurately understanding your customer's concern with their vehicle is the first step in correcting the concern. This card provides examples of inadequately written concerns followed by a more detailed and comprehensive concern statement. GM authorization is necessary for rental events that exceed 5 days. Print, complete and attach this worksheet to the job card to support the need for courtesy transportation. The worksheet allows for a reason for the request (parts delay or extensive repairs)  as well as an explanation of the daily sequence of events, entered in a timeline format. Service management signature, date, and time complete the worksheet.
Battery Info GM Administrative Allowance GM Maintenance Programs
GM Battery Info
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GM Admin Allowance
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Our Price: $5.00

Post a copy of the informational Battery Help Card at the GR8 Battery Tester and at each technician’s work station to promote test compliance and accuracy to ensure a valid test result printout with battery replacement decisions.

Certain components and/or services are eligible for an administrative allowance. Administrative Allowances are claimed in the Net/Administrative Allowance field of the transaction.

The card outlines each of the covered Maintenance services with the corresponding labor operation, description and labor time for reimbursement.

GM Warranty Help Card Collection
GM Warranty Help Card Collection
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  • Eliminate searching for certain tidbits of information. These cards feature commonly used warranty information in a format that is to the point, easy to understand, and readily accessible.